Corrosion Instruments
The shorted casing detector , Model SCD-2, is a self-contained instrument with an internal 24 volt rechargeable battery, complete with a charger, necessary leads, stainless steel pins, carrying case and operating instructions. This instrument utilizes the Industry approved Panhandle Eastern Method of determining the resistance between the casing and the pipeline. This unit provides a quick, efficient means of checking casings for shorts.

Operating Manual NG-SCD-2
Soil Selector - Resistance Harness
The SOIL SELECTOR attachment is designed to operated with the NIlSSON and ASSOCIATED RESEARCH instruments to provide simple, fast, multiple depth soil readings. The cable pin spacings have been designed for "fixed, even" multipliers. The unit is provided with a printed circuit board adapter that attaches to the output terminals of the NILSSON or ASSOCIATED RESEARCH instrument and does not interfere with normal operation. A plug-in harness is supplied that connects the adapter to the SOIL SELECTOR depth selector module that is equipped with a single cable with multiple, correctly spaced stainless steel pins. The SOIL SELECTOR attachment comes complete with the instrument adapter, inter-connecting harness, depth selector module, multi-conductor cable with pins, carrying case and instructions. Standard depth is 5ft, 10ft, 15ft and 20 ft. Optional depths are 2.5ft, 5ft, 7.5ft, 10 ft and 15ft.

Operating Manual 9-Pin

Operating Manual 10-Pin
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