Ordering Code / Model Number Air Cooled Gas Station Series
Position #1: MODEL
G = Gas Station Series
Position #2: TYPE
S = Standard Rectifier (Manual taps) P = Constant Potential (solid state)
C = Constant Current (Reactor style) M = Multiple Modes (solid state)
D = Constant Current (Solid state) V = Variac Control
E = Constant Voltage (Solid state)  
Position #3: COOLING
A = Air Cooled
Position #4: STACK TYPE
I = Silicon
Position #5: DC VOLTS
List Maximum DC Voltage Desired
Position #6: DC AMPS
List Maximum DC Amperage Desired
Position #7: AC INPUT
G = 115, 1 phase only
C = AC and DC arrestors M = DC breaker
D = DC arrestor R = 115 VAC convenience outlet
E = AC arrestor W = RMU Terminal Strip
G = Communications filter X = Dead front safety panel
H = Meter switches Y = ETL Certified (Not available on all models)
J = Power On indicator light Z = Special features, (formally "Q = to be specified")
K = DC failure warning light  
Gas Station Series
Gas Station Optional Features
Gas Station Dimensions